Project Simple Shelter is a not-for-profit music therapy organization based out of Vancouver, Canada.


    Over the past five years, Project Simple Shelter has been supplying children’s organizations in Mazatlán, Mexico and Denpasar, Indonesia with free instruments for music programs. This includes orphanages, family centers, and private lessons for children in the most impoverished areas.


    Project Simple Shelter’s current passion is to provide music therapy recording sessions for at-risk teens and children facing hardships and challenges. This passion will be focused on developing nations around the world but will also include the needs of children in youth programs in both Canada and the USA. These recording sessions can be turned into music videos that can be viewed and shared for years to come.


    All videos are shot, recorded, mixed, and edited free of charge for the sole purpose of raising the joy, passion, and self-esteem of the kids in each video.


    Some of the orphanages and family centers are extremely underfunded so the organization may use the videos as a promotional and fundraising tool for the children’s health, education, or even nutritional needs. Project Simple Shelter is overjoyed to be a part of the journey of these young, shining stars.

  • Videos

    Mazatlán, Mexico

    This is a song from the Roots & Wings Family Center.


    Roots & Wings Family Center Instagram

    Rancho de los Niños is an orphanage and care home for special needs children and young adults.

    Rancho de los Niños

    Casa Holgar Orphanage and Children's Home

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    Denpasar, Indonesia

    Vancouver, Canada

    A fun day of music and dancing with some young, local talent.

    The Creation Process and

    Healing Effects of Music Videos

    Helping Create Mazatlán's First Children's Orchestra

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    Mazatlán, Mexico

    Denpasar, Indoneisa

    Vancouver, Canada

  • Message from the Founder

    Hi! My name is Joshua Bradford.

    I am a professional singer and entertainer from Vancouver, Canada. For decades, I have lived selfishly. I dedicated all of my time and energy to the pursuit of success in the music and film industries. After reaching a peak and touring the world, there was a growing emptiness inside of me. I was still searching, something was missing.
    It wasn't until I took some time off and trekked through The Himalayas in Nepal that my eyes opened. I saw such poverty. Families living in shacks. Children playing with blocks of wood instead of toys. I also saw a powerful love of music. Any music.
    If someone had a guitar and would play, it seemed the whole village would come out and sing along. This felt holy ... and so far from the industry, I was used to.
    I had a deep realization that bringing joy to others was the best way to facilitate joy for myself. It seemed that in order to fuel my own passion for music, I would first need to attempt to do the same for others.
    Am I still a selfish man?
    You bet your sweet bippy I am...

    Even more so these days.
    But now maybe some amazing kids can benefit from it!

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